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Internet Explorer 7 for

You are about to download a custom version of Internet Explorer 7 for . This is the first version of Internet Explorer 7 released, and is designed for experienced computer users.

Keep in mind that SaveWealth provides these links for informational purposes only. is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, and offers no warranty or assumption of liability. This version is designed specifically for Windows XP users with Service Pack 2 installed. If you do not have Service Pack 2 on your system, do not install this version.

Since this version of Internet Explorer 7 was just released, install this software at your own risk. Be sure to read the release notes before installation.

To begin the download, click on the link below.

Download Internet Explorer 7

IE7 for  

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

Note: When Installing Internet Explorer 7, Do Not Close Your Internet Connection


Internet Explorer 7 is a product of Microsoft, who is solely responsible for support. SaveWealth, as an Internet Content Provider (ICP), is not the author of the software. By downloading this software, you AGREE to the Terms of Use. For IE7 support, please click here.

Windows and Microsoft are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.






Get Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0

Please Note:
Since this is a brand new program, SaveWealth recommends you read the release notes before installing. To review the release notes, click here. You can also take an online tour of the new features at the Microsoft website.

This download is a customized version of Internet Explorer 7, with links, an updated home page, and favorites designed for SaveWealth visitors.

These settings can be modified or uninstalled by following Microsoft's instructions. Microsoft is the author of IE7, and is responsible for support. For more information, please contact Microsoft's support section, or click here.




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