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11. Investigate Tax-Free Munis

Through diversification, some choose to purchase tax-exempt "IOU's" known as Municipal Bonds.

Issued by public agencies, municipal bonds have substantially reduced risk, do not incur annual taxation, and are usually not subject to market fluctuation.

A SaveWealth Advisor can provide more information about tax-advantaged municipal bonds.


12. Don't Forget T-Notes

When diversifying, some choose to take advantage of U.S. Treasury Obligations. These notes come with the full backing of the U.S. Government. T-Notes also offer state and local tax exemptions.


13. Reduce Taxes When Selling Stock

If you're in the highest tax bracket, and depending on your age and risk tolerance, avoid "quick sales" when selling stock. Holding stock for at least 12 months will qualify you for the reduced capital gains tax.

It's much better to pay 20% capital gains taxes than 38.6% income taxes when you wish to redeem your stock certficates.

Check with your financial advisor to make sure growth stocks are appropriate for your own portfolio before investing.


14. Tax-Deferred Annuities

Tax-deferred annuities are retirement alternatives completely avoid probate delays and expenses. Annuity prices and values vary with the market, and there are sometimes penalties for early withdrawal.

Annuities do not have taxes on earnings taken out annually. Instead, money you would have otherwise paid in taxes remains in the annuity each year. Taxes are paid when you choose to withdraw your money. But for the entire time you hold that contract, that tax money is earning interest for you.

Annuities also come in many varieties. Some offer fixed rates of return, while others fluctuation based on market conditions. Other annuities, called variable annuities, allow you to invest in sub-accounts (also called variable accounts) that are managed by professional money managers.

Check with a SaveWealth Advisor, who can provide you with a free special report on annuities.


15. Modified Endowments

Modified Endowment Contracts are special contracts, issued by insurers, that combine the benefits of tax-deferred annuities with a death benefit feature.

Not only can you put tax money to work for you, but these contracts can also be combined with advanced estate planning strategies, including dynasty trusts.

To learn more about MECs, please click here.







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