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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy travel protection without any trip cancellation coverage?

Yes, you can choose a plan that excludes this coverage but still includes a full range of benefits to protect you during your trip, including coverage for: trip delay, medical evacuation/ repatriation, baggage and baggage delay, itinerary change and much more!

Are the coverage amount maximums for trip cancellation/ interruption per person?

Yes, the maximum amounts are on a per traveler basis.

What is the difference between primary and secondary coverage? Why does it matter?

With secondary coverage, you may be required to pay a deductible and may be asked to exhaust coverage from your other existing polices before filing a claim. File with Travelex first and file once.

What are the different ways that I can purchase coverage?

You can purchase coverage online and have instance coverage, You can also order coverage by phone, by fax or mail.

Why should I purchase Travel Protection when I have other insurance policies?

Travel Protection combines insurance coverages and travel assistance services into a comprehensive package that protects both you and your investment - before and during your trip.

Travelex Plans provide comprehensive coverage including Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits. This coverage can protect you against losing your travel investment to travel suppliers, like cruise lines and tour operators, if you should cancel within their non-refundable cancellation period.

Credit card insurance policies may protect you for flight accidents, car rental damage or for accidental death while traveling, but this protection is usually only offered to you when you purchase your tickets with that particular credit card.

Won’t my Homeowner's and Medical Insurance policies cover me during my trip?

It is best to review your current insurance programs and the coverage they offer when you are traveling. Many HMO's and PPO's offer limited coverage when traveling outside your networks. Medicare supplement benefits also need to be reviewed to determine their exact benefits or lack of benefits when traveling.

Travelex Protection Plans offer primary medical coverage because of the varying degree of limitations offered by many medical plans. Homeowner's and rental policies usually have large deductibles in the event of lost or stolen baggage when traveling. Our coverage is primary - you file with Travelex first.

Are children under 16 always covered at no cost?

Yes, as long as the adult Family Member with whom they are traveling with is covered. The children can be covered even if they are staying in a different room or cabin than the covered adult Family Member. There is, however, an additional charge for children if you purchase the Optional Medical Upgrade and/or the Optional Flight Coverage.*

"Family Member" means your: legal spouse or common-law spouse (where legal), legal guardian, legal ward, son or daughter (adopted, foster, step or in-law), brother or sister (includes step or in-law), parent (includes step or in-law), grandparent (includes in-law), great-grandparent, grandchild, great-grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew or Key Person, provided the Family Member resides in the United States, Canada or Mexico.

If children under 16 are covered at no cost, should I still list them when completing an enrollment form or purchasing online?

Yes, list all travelers for whom you wish to cover including your children under 16.*

Who qualifies as a Key Person? Do they have to be a relative?

A Key Person is defined as an employed caregiver of a legal dependent of you or a person with whom you have lived for 12 continuous months. A Key Person does not have to be a blood relation. Key Persons are included in the covered reasons to cancel under trip cancellation and interruption coverage.

What if I cancel my trip before any penalty from the travel provider begins?

You must notify Travelex Insurance Services that you intend to cancel your trip before your original departure date. Travelex will allow you to "re-use" your purchased coverage up to one year from original departure date. If you notify Travelex within two weeks of making the initial trip deposit on the new trip, pre-existing medical conditions will be covered as long as you are medically fit to travel at the time of transfer. (See the Evidence of Coverage for details).*

What happens if I purchase a protection plan, and the cost of my trip goes up?

Simply call or request additional coverage in the Request a Plan Change section of this site. We will adjust your coverage and accept additional premium to cover your new trip cost.*

Why is Trip Cancellation/Interruption protection important?

All travel suppliers, whether they are Tour Operators, Hotels, Travel Agencies, Cruise lines or Airlines, have cancellation penalties. You pay a deposit or final payment toward a trip and these suppliers will apply their published penalties to your trip. You will find the published penalties more severe as your scheduled departure date gets closer. These published penalties inform you that if you cancel, the supplier will hold all or a large percentage of your monies placed as down payment, deposit or final payment. You will lose this money. Trip Cancellation and Interruption is designed to reimburse you for your loss if you cancel or interrupt for a covered reason.*

If my traveling companion cancels their trip and I still want to go on the trip, will this trip insurance cover additional costs caused due to their cancellation?

Yes, you are covered for a single supplement upgrade when your traveling companion cancels or interrupts a trip for a covered reason and you do not.*

Am I covered if I cancel my trip because I am laid off or fired by my employer?

Travelex Plans do offer protection for cancellations due to terminations or layoffs, through no fault of yours, affecting either you or a person sharing the same cabin or hotel room. Remember that employment must have been with the same employer for at least 3 consecutive years.*

Will a Travelex Plan cover me if I need to cancel or interrupt my trip due to terrorism?

Terrorism is a reason to cancel under Travelex Protection Plans. The Terrorist Incident must occur in the Insured's city of destination and you must be scheduled to arrive in that city within 30 days following the Terrorist Incident. The terrorist incident must also be documented in a travel warning issued by the U.S. State Department advising that one should not travel to the Insured’s country of destination or, for U.S. cities, reported by the major news media. If the warning or report is issued after your effective date and covers your trip dates, then you may cancel or interrupt.*

Do both TraveLite and Travel Plus offer coverage for pre-existing conditions?

Yes, both Travelex plans cover pre-existing medical conditions, regardless of your age, if you enroll in a protection plan within 21 days of making your initial trip deposit and as long as you are medically fit to travel at the time of purchase.*

Can I still purchase coverage if I miss the 21-day period after initial trip deposit?

Yes, you can purchase travel protection up until your date of departure. You will not, however, be covered for pre-existing medical conditions if you miss the 21-day period.*

What are the benefits of purchasing coverage within 21 days of initial trip deposit if I am not in penalty?

In order to have pre-existing medical conditions covered, you must purchase within 21 days of initial trip deposit. The Pre-existing waiver for existing conditions covers not only you, but for any covered person for whom you may have to cancel your trip.*

If I change my mind after enrolling in a protection plan, can I get a refund?

Yes, Travelex will refund your plan cost (minus the $5.00 non-refundable processing fee) if you are not completely satisfied within 10 days of purchase, provided you have not departed or filed a claim.

Can a foreign national purchase a Travelex Protection Plan?

Yes, Travelex Protection Plans can be purchased online by any traveler who is physically in the United States at the time of purchase or by any United States resident.

Can I purchase foreign currency on the web site?

Yes, simply go to the home page and click on Order in the My Travel Wallet box. As the world’s largest foreign exchange specialist, Travelex offers competitive rates and free 2-day shipping on orders over $500.

What is a cash passport?

Cash passport is a prepaid global cash card. It works like your ATM card. You load it with a certain amount of U.S. dollars and can access local currency through more than 600,000 Visa/ Plus ATMs around the world. It’s re-loadable and PIN-protected so if it’s lost or stolen, no one will be able to access your funds.


* Travel Plus (B01) and TraveLite (B02) only. For more information, click here.
















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