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September 21, 1998
New $20 Bill Debuts September 24th

The U.S. Treasury Dept. has introduced the new design for the $20 bill, scheduled to be released September 24th.

The bill, which still features President Andrew Jackson, offers many improvements over the $20 bill now in circulation. For instance, many of the numbers are enlarged to help senior citizens and the visually impaired identify the denomination of the bill.

The improvements to the $20 bill resemble modifications made to the $100 bill in 1996, and the $50 bill this last year.

Counterfeiting has also been made much more difficult with the off-center portrait of Jackson and the addition of an invisible plastic security thread that glows green under ultraviolet light. The Treasury has also printed the bills using a color-shifting ink that looks green when viewed straight on, but changes to black when viewed from the side.

Twenty dollar bills are the most common bills in circulation today. Because of this, the U.S. Treasury will begin a huge campaign to educate the public about the bills in the coming month.

Start expecting to see the new bills in banks, supermarkets, and ATMs after the September 24th release date. They will gradually replace the $20 bills currently in circulation, which will wear out in approximately two years. Don't worry: those old twenties are still legal tender, as the United States has never recalled its circulation.

The Treasury Dept. also announced that similar changes to the $10, $5 and $1 bills will all be introduced together next year.



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