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Guide to Estate Planning

Through our lives, we spend so much time worrying about making a decent living. Questions like, "Will we have enough for a new house? Can I afford that new car? Can I take that trip I've always wanted to take?"

But the years pass. You've built up an estate, and achieved success. Your focus starts shifting away from taking care of yourself, to ensuring your loved ones are cared for after you're gone. That's what estate planning is all about.

Some traditional methods of estate planning include:

Living Trusts
Durable/Medical Power of Attorney

These estate planning methods, while simple to implement, often fall short when discussing estates over $1 million. At that level, estate owners face a new variety of planning issues.

One of the biggest issues successful individuals need to worry about are estate taxes. For 2011 and 2012, Uncle Sam starts collecting taxes at the $5 million level. Individuals with estates over $5 million are subject to estate taxes that soar up to 35%... and if you wish to leave money to grandchildren, the estate taxes can reach almost 60%!






Why Plan Your Estate?
Introduction to Wills
Living Trusts
The Perils of Probate
Durable and Medical Power of Attorney
Taxes, taxes, taxes!
Creating a Second Estate
Dynasty Trusts
The Legacy Trust
Family Limited Partnerships (FLiPs)
Charitable Trusts
Building on a Solid Foundation
Funding Your Estate Plan
Choosing a Qualified Attorney
How You Can Plan for Your Own Estate


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