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Adobe Acrobat Reader FAQ

Are these official versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader?

SaveWealth provides links to the most commonly used Adobe Acrobat Reader programs. When you download Adobe Acrobat Reader, you're downloading right from Adobe Systems. That way, you ensure you always are downloading the most up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For more information, visit the Adobe website by clicking here.


What's new in Adobe Acrobat 8?

Adobe has introduced a wealth of new features in version 8. For starters, Acrobat Reader 8 allows greater security when opening and viewing PDF. There is a new, streamlined interface and toolbars. Reader 8 even includes a new collaboration tool that allows you to work with others using the new Start Meeting conference feature.

For more information, visit the Adobe website by clicking here.


I have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, and have questions about using the software. Do you provide support?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a product of Adobe Systems Incorporated. As a link provider, SaveWealth makes no warranty and does not provide support. However, Adobe provides an online database of common technical questions. For customer support, please click here. You can also access user forums through the Adobe website. Click here for details.


Why is Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 not available for my operating system?

Some older operating systems, including Windows ME and Windows 98, are not compatible with the new Adobe Acrobat Reader 8. SaveWealth has provided links for the most recent version available for a wide range of operating systems, including Mac, Linux and Windows.


I have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader 8, and would like to upgrade to the full version of Adobe Acrobat. Do I qualify for upgrade pricing?

Sorry, upgrade pricing is available for registered owners of previous versions of Adobe Acrobat Standard and Adobe Acrobat Professional.





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Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a product of Adobe, who is solely responsible for support. Adobe and Adobe Acrobat are trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc. For more Acrobat support, please click here.


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