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Internet Explorer 6.028

Microsoft Internet Explorer is a free internet browser that works across many different computer platforms.

Regardless of the website you're visiting, Internet Explorer 6.0 can display the most complex web pages. Plus, the latest version of Explorer features enhanced privacy tools, built-in media players, an updated home page, special favorites, and other features to enhance the time you spend on the Internet. has prepared a customized version of Internet Explorer 6.0 for both Internet and intranet networks. And now, you can download this customized version for yourself... absolutely free!

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Internet Explorer 6 is a product of Microsoft, who is solely responsible for support. By proceeding, you AGREE to the Terms of Use. For IE6 support, please click here. For more information on the upcoming IE7, click here.




Get Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0


Please Note: This download is a customized version of Internet Explorer 6, with links, an updated home page, and favorites designed for SaveWealth visitors.

These settings can be modified or uninstalled by following Microsoft's instructions. Microsoft is the author of IE6, and is responsible for support. For more information, please contact Microsoft's support section, or click here.





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