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Tax Form Frequently Asked Questions
Are These Official Tax Forms?
  Yes, these forms are provided by the Internal Revenue Service and state agencies for use in preparing your income taxes. In most cases, these forms can be used for filing purposes.


What Software Do I Need To Print These Forms?

Most tax agencies have adopted the Adobe Acrobat standard. Adobe Acrobat allows users to display and print files, regardless of computer or operating system they are using.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed, you can download it for free.


Can All Forms Be Used for Filing?

Certain forms published online are designed for informational use only. For instance, IRS Form W-2 is a machine-readable form that cannot be reproduced on your computer. To order originals, you need to contact the IRS or state agency that issued the form.

Any forms that are for informational purposes only will say so clearly on the first page of the form.


Are These The Latest Tax Forms?

Yes they are. One caveat: you need to always double-check and verify the tax year on every form you download.

In some cases, the IRS only posts preliminary copies of tax forms. If that is the case, there will be a notice on the form itself. Because these tax forms are provided by government agencies, we cannot make any warranty as to their accuracy or completeness. In other words, be sure you review each form carefully and verify it is for the correct tax year.


What If I Do Not See an IRS Form I Need?

We're in the process of building an extensive library of tax forms published by the IRS. However, if you do not find a particular tax form you need, visit the IRS website or call the IRS toll-free at 1-800-829-1040.


What About State Tax Forms?

State tax forms are published by each individual state agency. For your convenience, we list the most popular income tax forms here.

If you need a particular state tax form that we do not have listed, you'll need to contact the state tax collection department directly. We have provided links for each state's tax department website.

To find tax forms for a particular state, click here.


Do You Provide Tax Advice?, its affiliated companies, and its parent are not tax advisors.

Everyone's personal tax situation is different. For assistance with your own taxes, you should contact a qualified professional, such as a CPA or tax preparer. You may also want to contact the IRS in certain instances.

To find a CPA in your area, click here.







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