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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I File for an Extension?

Think you might not make the IRS' April deadline? Don't panic. There is help available in Form 4868.

Form 4868 is an application for an extension of time. It is used to grant four more months to file your tax returns. Whether you're filing Form 1040A, Form 1040-EZ, or Form 1040, you can move the due date back to August 15th.

When you complete Form 4868, you do not have to explain why you are requesting the extension of time. However, the IRS will contact you if the request is denied. And as the IRS is quick to point out, you are still responsible for having all taxes paid before the April due date. Any underpayment of taxes could result in a penalty later down the road.

If you think you won't make the April 15 cut-off, download Form 4868. Print and mail it before April 15th, and you can breathe a little easier... at least for four months.

Yes, these forms are provided by the Internal Revenue Service and the different state tax agencies for use in preparing your income taxes.

In most cases, these Acrobat forms can be used instead of originals for filing purposes. Simply print these forms out on a laser printer of 300dpi or greater. Then complete and mail the forms in before your filing deadline.


Download Form 4868
  Application for Extension of Time








Which 1040 Do I Use?

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