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State Tax Forms

Missouri has published 2010 versions of its tax forms in Adobe Acrobat format.

To download the 2010 Missouri tax forms you need for free, please select the forms below.

Missouri Long Forms
Missouri Form MO-1040 Tax Form Form MO-1040

2010 Missouri Individual Income Tax Return

Missouri Form MO-A Tax Form Form MO-A

Income Tax Adjustments

Missouri Form MO-CR Tax Form Form MO-CR

2010 Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States

Missouri Form MO-PTC Tax Form Form MO-PTS

2010 Property Tax Credit Claim


Missouri Short Form

Missouri Form MO-1040A Tax Form Form MO-1040A

2010 Missouri Single/Married With One Income Tax Return


Missouri Non-Resident Form

Missouri Form MO-NRI Tax Form Form MO-NRI

2010 Missouri Non-Resident Income


Missouri Payment Voucher

Missouri Form 4338 Tax Form Form MO-1040V

2010 Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher


Filing Your Tax Returns

Where to File™

Addresses and Information for Mailing IRS and Missouri State Tax Forms


Includes Error Check and Electronic Refunds


Missouri Official Website

Missouri Department of Revenue Missouri Dept. of Revenue

Home Page. Includes Contact Information and Revenue Rulings





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