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Schedule B
  Interest/Dividend Income

Schedule B is used by taxpayers to report interest and dividend income. For many years, the IRS used to bundle Schedule B and Schedule B into the same form. However, starting in 2009, the schedules were split into two distinct forms, Schedule B and Schedule B.

Remember, all IRS forms are in Adobe Acrobat. You will need Acrobat installed to view and print these forms.

To download IRS Schedule B, please select below:

Tax Year Schedule B Instructions
Tax Year 2016 Download 2016 Schedule B Instructions for 2016 Schedule B
Tax Year 2015 Download 2015 Schedule B Instructions for 2015 Schedule B
Tax Year 2014 Download 2014 Schedule B Instructions for 2014 Schedule B
Tax Year 2013 Download 2013 Schedule B Instructions for 2013 Schedule B
Tax Year 2012 Download 2012 Schedule B Instructions for 2012 Schedule B
Tax Year 2011 Download 2011 Schedule B Instructions for 2011 Schedule B
Tax Year 2010 Download 2010 Schedule B Instructions for 2010 Schedule B
Tax Year 2009 Download 2009 Schedule B Instructions for 2009 Schedule B

Previous year's IRS forms are still available. If you need 2008 and earlier forms of the combined Schedule B & B form, please click here.

To search for more IRS Tax Forms, click here. and its associates do not provide tax advice. All IRS forms are believed to be the most up-to-date from the Internal Revenue Service, and are provided to you with no warranty. Always consult the IRS or your tax professional if you have questions. For more legal information, please click here.






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