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Estate Asset Analysis

Introducing the SaveWealth Estate Asset Analysis

Have you ever worried what would happen to your estate if you were no longer around? SaveWealth Financial is proud to introduce a new planning tool to help you plan for the unexpected.

Called the SaveWealth Estate Asset Analysis (EAA), this comprehensive report analyzes all of your assets and how they are titled, revealing strengths and weaknesses. The information presented in the EAA can help you defend your family against taxes, inflation and probate.

The EAA, an exclusive service of SaveWealth, is a customized 13-page report that demonstrates what can happen to your estate if you should pass away.

The EAA reviews several subjects, including:

  • State and Federal Estate Taxes Through 2011

  • Probate Fees and Calculations

  • Projected Family Income Requirements

  • Future Growth of Your Estate

This is NOT a generic report. The EAA is tailored specifically for you and your family by financial professionals, using your own valuations to compute taxes and income potential.






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