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Estate Asset Analysis

Two Certainties: Death and Taxes

It has been pounded into our minds over the years that the only two certainties are death and taxes.

But what happens when the two events happen at the same time?

That is the question the SaveWealth EAA answers by looking at your current estate, and projecting your estate growth 10 years from now.

If you asked a thousand people how quickly their estate grows, you'd get a thousand different answers. Financial planners typically estimate conservative growth rates of 5-7% are reasonable over the long-haul.

But how quickly would your estate grow, given those estimates?

Well, as the EAA demonstrates, a $1,000,000 estate would easily be worth over $2 million in one decade, if allowed to grow at a 7% annual rate. The reason is simple: compounding. Your estate continues to grow on previous year's earnings, much a like a savings account compounds interest over time. Before you know it, your estate could mushroom, incurring a substantial estate or capital gains tax bill.

Think the pending tax reform proposed by President Bush will abolish all estate taxes? Think again. Even with current tax legislation on the table, your estate could be subject to massive capital gains taxes that must be paid in cash, within 9 months of your death.

We all will die someday. It's a fact that few address until it's too late. And we all will have to pay taxes in some form another. The EAA shows you how Uncle Sam plans on recapturing your estate when you're no longer around, and gives you the knowledge to prevent that from happening.





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