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Estate Asset Analysis

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Estate Asset Analysis

How It Works

Surprisingly, the Estate Asset Analysis requires very little time or effort on your part. (Our EAA Counselors reminded us to stress it requires little time on your part, not their own.)

The Estate Asset Analysis begins with a brief 15 minute interview with an EAA Counselor over the phone. This call can be made from the comfort of your home or office.

During the call, the EAA Counselor will review aspects of your estate, including home value, approximate net worth, and how your assets are titled. The trained EAA Counselor will also discuss future growth of your estate, as well as general family information.

Once your interview is complete, your EAA Counselor will then use proprietary software and calculations to prepare your report. The report pulls from multiple sources, including current estate and income tax tables. Within 48 hours, your EAA Counselor will be sending you a simple, easy-to-understand report that is a valuable asset for estates of every size.

The cost for the EAA includes all shipping and handling charges. Plus, a convenient time for an interview can be scheduled online. But it all starts with you.






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