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Estate Asset Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do to get ready for my EAA appointment?

Take a brief review of any account statements to get accurate estimates of your net worth. The more accurate your answers, the more accurate your EAA report will be. Some numbers, such as home value, will be arbitary to begin with, and require no prep time in advance.


2. I know how much my estate is worth... why bother?

Many clients that have used the EAA have appreciated the concise, all-in-one format. In fact, many people have commented that they never knew how much their estate was worth, until they saw it in black and white.

The information provided in the EAA could save you thousands in taxes alone. Plus, the EAA provides information you will not find listed anywhere else.

It may sound morbid, but the EAA "kills" you on paper, exposing unknown weaknesses in your estate. It also provides a comprehensive source of information for all of your assets, from bank accounts and CDs to insurance policies and real estate. No stone is left unturned.


3. How is my confidential information handled?

Confidential information is treated with the utmost respect and privacy. For starters, information is collected over the telephone by an authorized EAA Counselor, at the time and day you select. Once your information is provided, it is never sold or shared with ANY third parties.

For more information about our privacy policy, click here.


4. When should I expect my EAA once the interview is complete?

Your EAA will be mailed via Priority Mail usually with 24-48 hours after the interview is completed. This gives us a chance to prepare the report, and have it reviewed for accuracy by a Senior Account Specialist. Priority Mail from the U.S. Postal Service usually takes 2-3 days to deliver, depending on which part of the country you live in.


5. Does the EAA reflect recent tax law changes?

Absolutely. For instance, the Tax Relief Act of 2001 has radically changed the way estates are taxed, leading up to the full repeal of estate taxes in 2011. On the very day these new tax rates were signed into law, the EAA model already reflected the modified (and complex) estate tax code.

The EAA software is updated any time changes are made to the Internal Revenue Code that could effect its calculations. And if major changes are made the could dramatically impact your estate, you will be notified.


6. Can I share my EAA with friends and family?

Once you receive your EAA report, it is yours to do with as you wish. It provides a useful breakdown of your assets that would be handy in the event of an emergency.

We also encourage you to share it with a tax advisor, as well as legal counsel when preparing your estate plan.


7. What happens after I receive my EAA via Priority Mail?

One of our Senior Account Specialists will schedule a time to review the results of the EAA with you. There is no fee for this consultation. The Senior Account Specialist will review weaknesses and strength in your estate, and possibly recommend future action. And of course, there is absolutely no additional cost or obligation.


8. What if I need my EAA quickly?

Rush service is available. We can process your EAA the same day, review it, and have it delivered to you via overnight delivery for an additional $20.00.


9. How long will this take?

In most cases, your entire EAA can be completed in a simple 15 minute telephone call to your home or office. Complex estates may require more time (typically 30 minutes for estates of $1 million or more), but will not incur any additional charge.


10. What if I expect my estate will grow in the near future?

Estate valuations will always fluctuate both postively and negatively. Just ask many of the investor in the High-Tech Stock Crash of 2000.

The EAA is designed to provide a current "snapshot" of your estate. Expected growth is accounted for within the EAA, especially in the report's future income projections. And if your estimated growth comes to fruition, you are entitled to a free update within 12 months.


11. What if I need to update my EAA?

If your estate radically changes, the EAA comes with a free update at any time within the 12 months after it is completed. To schedule an updated EAA review, please contact us.


12. How can I schedule my EAA interview?

Provide your contact information on the next order screen through our secure server, along with payment information. Also choose what would be a convenient time for one of our EAA Counselors to call.

Rest assured, your credit card will NOT be billed until your EAA Counselor calls to confirm payment arrangements.

Plus, should you choose to setup or fund your estate plan through SaveWealth, we'll refund the cost of the EAA.


13. What if I decide to follow the EAA recommendations?

We believe that education not only helps you, but helps the professionals you work with.

The EAA is a powerful tool that gives you a jump-start down the planning process. It organizes your finances, predicts the impact of legislation, and determines problem areas automatically.

And should you choose to setup or fund your estate plan through SaveWealth, we'll refund the full cost of the EAA. No strings attached.







Updated for Tax Relief of 2001

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